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Many of us remember our grandmothers making a quilt from scrap pieces of material, and after the blocks are sewn together, they either put it on an quilt rack, or get with other ladies for a "quilting bee" which gave the ladies time to gossip socialize, and also a chance for some to show off their fancy needlework, and pass it on to the younger ladies of the community. These ladies worked on their quilts for several months to finish a hand-stitched needle work quality quilt. There are still some ladies that love to still do it the "old fashioned" way, and still turn out beautiful quilts.

Quilting has made a strong comeback in these recent years. There are now several quilting programs on the television, several websites dedicated to quilting, and you can find 1-2 quilt clubs in any county. Many quilts made now are not made from scraps of material as in earlier times. Most quilts now are well planned out, and the material is purchased using color wheels. The only thing holding back the creativity is your imagination, so when the shapes are put together it looks like a piece of art.

But with the hectic schedules some quilters have, with jobs, family time, they don't have the time to complete the intricate needle work needed to complete their quilt.

Now with Professional Machine Quilters, such as "Kelley's Quilting" using state-of-the-art, high precision machinery, those unfinished quilts can be completed in days rather than the several months it used to take. The needle work looks just as intricate as if done by a quilter who has hand-stitched for 50 years, with consistently high quality and at reasonable cost.

Located in Central Ohio "Kelley's Quilting", are people who are also quilters and takes pride in her work. Quilter Lori Kelley,has attended classes and seminars, and studied books written by some of the top quilters of today, Michele Walker, Linda Taylor, Karen McTavish, Pam Clarke, Nicole Webb, Marianne Fons, Liz Porter (Fons and Porter), and Alex Anderson to name a few. She also has attended classes from area quilters and currently belongs to local Quilt Guilds and Clubs. The quilting she has done have won awards at quilt shows.

I know the time it takes to get the quilt top just the way you want it, and will take the time to have the needlework just the way you want it also. I use a Gammill™ Classic Plus which has a stitch regulator, which makes each stitch uniformed. You can have your quilt done with basic quilting, or your choice of many of our favorite pantographs and stencils, or a custom design of your own. The quilt will be completed from edge to edge when it is returned to you. It will truly be a piece of art. Please continue visiting the other pages of our site for prices, information of our services, and much more.